If it's bigger or less opinionated than an article, it's probably here. Because that encompasses a pretty broad scope, these items are split into a few archetypes.

The Big Guides

Big Guides are a combination of a thorough introduction and a reference to a topic. They take up several pages, because they cover several major facets of a topic in a relatively in-depth fashion. They are focused on practical information that you can directly put to use.

The Big Form Factor Guide

The Big Platform Guide

The Big Power Supply Guide

The Big Processor Guide

The Quick Guides

Quick Guides are Big Guides in short-form. The same style and approach, condensed to more comfortably fit a single page. They are, as you might imagine, less thorough.

The Quick Cyrix Guide

The Quick Electronic Component Guide

The Quick HDMI Guide

The Quick Headphone Guide

The Quick IDT Guide

The Quick PCI-Express 2.0 Guide

The Quick Rise Technology Guide

The Quick SLI and CrossFire Guide

The Quick Switch Guide

The Quick Thermal Paste Guide

The Quick Transmeta Guide

The Quick VIA Guide

The Quick Windows Vista Guide

Cheat Sheets

Cheat sheets are compact, concise references to what you want to know, right now.

10stripe's Perl Cheat-Sheet

10stripe's Perl-Centric Regular Expression Cheat-Sheet


10stripe's maps are Flash-driven visualization tools to help answer the question, "Where was that again?"

Life of an AMD Processor

Life of an NVIDIA Video Card

Life of a PIC Microcontroller

Map of AMD Codenames

Map of Intel Codenames

Map of Internet Penetration by Country

Map of Semiconductor Fabs

Top Level Domain Locator

Map Index


Directories are an acknowledgement that in fact this site does not contain all the information you might ever want. They are made to give you a jumping-off point for finding more information about a topic. Think phone book.

Clicky Keyboard Directory

DRM-Free Music Directory

Opera Web Browser Directory

Technology News Directory

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