Top-Level Domain (TLD) Locator

Top-level domains are the last part of a website's address (the .com in There are more than 250 top-level domains currently in existence, most of which are 2-letter "country code TLDs" (ccTLDs). This locator can help you find the country of origin for a website using a ccTLD, or just provide information on a TLD you are not familiar with.

Please enter a URL (or just the TLD) and press Go for information on the TLD.

Data source: Internet Assigned Numbers Authority for ccTLDs. Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers for generic TLDs.

Some TLDs are not shown because our map software does not know where the places are, or because they encompass multiple countries. URLs of the form are not recognized (remove the :80 and it will work). This page requires Javascript and Flash . If you are having trouble with Javascript (but Flash works), use the non-Javascript version of this page.

The usual map manipulations will work: Click a country to zoom in. Click and drag a box to zoom a particular area. To zoom out, click Zoom Out, click a body of water, or right-click and choose Zoom Out. Mouse over a country to get more information. See Help: Maps for more.

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