Help: Maps

10stripe now provides maps as a way of visually displaying certain types of information. Please see the Map Index for a complete listing of all available maps. This page provides answers to some commonly-asked questions about the new Maps feature.

What are the system requirements for the maps?

The maps require Macromedia/Adobe Flash Player (we do not know what version). Flash Player is provided for free by Adobe.

How do I use the maps?

Click on a country to zoom in on that country. Click and drag a box to zoom into the area enclosed by the box. Clicking on an individual point will allow you to zoom in on that point, unless the point has been configured to open a web page when clicked (as of this writing, 10stripe does not make use of this feature).

When you are zoomed in, moving the mouse to the edge of the map should produce an arrow and a highlighted rectangle. Clicking the mouse will pan the map in that direction.

To zoom out, click the red Zoom Out button at the bottom-right corner, click a body of water, or right-click anywhere and choose Zoom Out.

Mouse over points to get more information.

What powers the maps?

DIY Map, a flash application developed by John Emerson of Apperceptive LLC, a web development company. You can download it from his personal website.

Why does the map look distorted?

The maps provided with the application by the author are equidistant cylindrical projections, and so areas farther from the equator are stretched horizontally a bit.

How are points for locations determined?

A tool such as GPS Visualizer's geocoder (which pulls information from databases run by Yahoo and Google) is used to lookup the latitude and longitude of the location based on whatever information is available. Points are plotted based on these coordinates.

Where did my mouse pointer go?

There is a known bug that will cause the mouse pointer to disappear when you mouse out of the Flash object in Opera. Mouse over part of the browser's UI to fix the problem. It does not appear to affect other browsers. If you experience this bug in another browser, please let us know.

Why can't I view maps full screen?

Internet Explorer 6 (and possibly other browsers that we haven't tested yet) apparently cannot handle being fed a Flash SWF file directly. There are some less than ideal workarounds available, but unless there is a strong demand for a specific IE fix, we will be leaving it as-is.

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