Who made your power supply?

The dirty little secret of the power supply market is that there are, in fact, far fewer manufacturers than brands.

There is nothing inherently wrong with that. In fact, some of the best supplies on the market are made by one company (the OEM) and marketed by another. It is, however, confusing. To help sort out some of this mess, we have compiled a partial list of the manufacturers behind the various brands.

Please note that this is a partial list and always will be. Some brands are not listed; some brands use more OEMs than could reasonably be mentioned here. Note also that the OEM behind a particular supply is not by any means the only determinant of its quality; two supplies from the same OEM, even sold under the same brand, may be worlds apart in quality. This list is only meant as a guide.

Much of this information comes from a page maintained by jonnyGURU.

UL numbers are usually a reliable way to determine who actually made a power supply, and so are included here for reference, when possible. Hardware Secrets has a bit more on this. UL numbers are not always available to us, either because the supply is not sold in the US and therefore doesn't need a UL number, or because we could not find a review that included it.

An incomplete list of power supply brands and their OEMs

Brand OEM UL Number Comments
AcBel AcBel E131875
AeroCool Andyson E239028  
Akasa Enhance --- Not sold in US, so no UL number
AMS (American Media Systems) HEC E199442  
Jou Jye E178102  
Aopen FSP E135662
Antec Andyson E176105  
Channel Well E176105  
Delta E176105 EA650, Earthwatts models ending in D
Fortron E135662
Basiq series
HEC E199442 Older models
Seasonic E176105 Trio, NeoHE series, EarthWatts series
Apex/Allied/Supercase Deer E203196  
L & C E164554
Solytech E223918  
Arctic Cooling Seasonic    
Aspire/Apevia Youngyear E126556
Asus AcBel E131875
Athena Power Topower    
Athenatech Athenatech E244485  
Atrix Unitek E250501  
Bestec Bestec E127778  
BFG Andyson   ES-800
ATNG   Some old models
Enhance   LS series
Fore Point E171647 LS series
Topower E130843 Most models
Broadway Broadway E194657  
Chenbro Etasis E176239  
Zippy E143756  
Chieftec Channel Well E161451  
Wintech E178768  
CompUSA Key Mouse E149998  
San Hawk E166826 Master Power series
Wintech E178768  
Cooler Master AcBel E131875
Many Real Power series, Ultimate Cirtcuit Protection
Enhance E166947 Silent Pro, Real Power 850 W
Hipro E143709
Seventeam E141400  
Coolmax ATNG E186010  
Sirtech E144195  
Corsair Channel Well E161451  
Seasonic E307858 450VX, 520HX, 620HX, 650TX
Deer Deer E203196  
L & C E164554  
Solytech E223918  
Delta Delta E131881
Dynapower Dynapower E195877  
Topower E130843 eJet series
Eagle Tech San Hawk E166826  
Enermax Enermax E134014  
Enlight ATNG E186010
ePower Topower E130843 Also written Epower, E-Power
Etasis Etasis E176239  
Fortron FSP E135662
FSP prefix in model
Foxconn Deer?    
Lite-On E197555
Hiper Andyson E303928
Hipro Hipro E143709  
Topower E130843 TOP prefix in model
In Win FSP E135662
FSP prefix in model
In Win E193791 IW prefix in model
I-Star I-Star E155314  
Seventeam E141400 PD2 and PD3 series
Just PC      
Kingwin Kingwin E197467  
Super Flower E242429
Lian-Li Sirtech E144195  
Lite-On Lite-On E197555
Linkworld Linkworld E131039  
Mad Dog Super Flower E242429
Masscool Seventeam E141400 Some models
Mean Well Mean Well E183223  
MGE/XG Seventeam E141400 MGE no longer in business
Youngyear E126556  
Mushkin Topower E130843  
MSI Solytech E304116  
Nexus FSP E222910  
nMediaPC Shenzhen Chi Yuan E181356  
NZXT Casing Macron E199529 Sold with cases
Topower E130843 Sold individually
OCZ 3Y E142723 Evostream
Channel Well   ModXStream Pro 400 W
FSP E135662
GameXStream, ProXStream
Impervio E243823 EliteXStream
Sirtec   ModXStream Pro 500 W and 600 W
Topower E130843 Modstream, Powerstream
Okia Broadway E194657  
PC Power & Cooling Seasonic E104405 Modern Silencer series
Sparkle E161885 Older Silencer series
Win-Tact E131500
Turbo-Cool series
Powmax Leadman    
Raidmax Sun Pro E210743  
Topower E130843  
Revoltec/Listan Topower E130843  
Rosewill ATNG E186010 Most products
Solytech E223918  
Wintech E178768  
Youngyear E126556  
Scythe Topower E130843  
Seasonic Seasonic E104405  
Sharkoon FSP E135662
Shuttle Achme E158036
SilenX FSP E135662
Not all models are FSP
Silverstone Enhance E166947 Element and Strider series, Nightjar (external UL E176239)
Etasis E176239
Impervio E313296 Most Olympia, Decathlon series; Zeus 1200 W
Seventeam E141400 Some Olympia, Decathlon series
Soyo Key Mouse E149998  
Sparkle FSP E135662
FSP prefix in model
Spire Topower E257731  
Startech Startech E224648  
Sunbeam Andyson E239028  
Sirtech   Tuniq Potency
Super Flower /SFC Super Flower E242429  
Tagan Enhance   SuperRock
Topower E223995
Most models
Thermaltake Channel Well E303666 TR2 QFan, others
HEC E303666  
Seventeam E303666  
Sirtec E303666  
TTGI Super Flower E242429
Topower E130843  
Tyan Mitac E148001  
Ultra Andyson E239028  
SevenTeam E141400  
Wintech E178768 Most products, all X-Finity, X-Connect w/ part number starting with 33
Youngyear E126556 X-Connect (United States) w/ part number starting with 31
Vantec Topower E244194
XClio Channel Well E193705
Enhance E166947
StablePower series
Xigmatek Channel Well E161451  
Xion Super Flower E242429  
X-Spice ATNG E319019  
Yesico Sirtech E144195  
Zalman Enhance   ZM850-HP, ZM1000-HP
FSP E198072  
Zippy Zippy E143756  

Some common names and aliases for OEMs

Company AKA
ATNG I Horng
Broadway Okia, BCC
Channel Well Channel Well Tech, Channel Well Technolog(y/ies), CWT
ForePoint Fore Point, Fortrex, Focus
FSP Fortron/Source, Sparkle/SPI (Sparkle was formerly independent), Powertech; controlling interest in 3Y
HEC HEC Group, Herolchi Electronic Company, HEC Compucase
Topower ePower


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