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10stripe is a website devoted to the consolidation of information. The bulk of this is related to personal computers.

10stripe is:

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You might also be interested in 10stripe's philosophy and its purpose.

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In the event you would like to link to this site, feel free to use these images. Text links are of course also welcome.

If you're curious, the main logo uses the font Haettenschweiler. It's very similar to Impact, but narrower.

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If you really, really need a different version of one of these images, please send an email. We keep a stable of versions on hand, and generating new variants is not impossibly difficult.

About the name

Up through 2006, this site bore the rather generic moniker Alex's Page, which was originally just meant to be a placeholder. In mid-2006, the search for a new name began. The new name was going to be Blue Duck, in honor of an episode of the Dilbert animated series, but the domain was taken.

We went through several more ideas, but eventually came up with 7stripe (which we thought sounded good, and would make for a decent logo). The use of "stripe" was inspired by a series of articles on SomethingAwful; the number 7 was originally supposed to be behind the word "stripe", centered. One of the major advantages of this name was that it didn't mean anything, and wasn't particularly associated with anything. As it turns out though, the gay pride flag used to have 7 stripes, which was not an association that we especially wanted. So then it was to be 4stripe... which had too many possible misspellings (Fore!). 10stripe was the next candidate. For lack of any real objections, it was the winner.

OK, not an exciting story. And it reveals that the name means... nothing. Well, that's not exactly true. "10 stripe" is a not-ridiculous way to refer to a RAID 100 configuration (which is a stripe of RAID 10 arrays).

For more on the history of 10stripe, try the history page.

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