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As you might expect, a site like this demands some degree of keeping up with breaking events. And that means finding relevant news sources.

People interested in technology are often frustrated by the lack of coverage in mainstream sources, and the often poor quality of such coverage when it does turn up. And so, over time, they turn to more specialized outlets. For the sake of saving you some of the trouble, this Directory enumerates some of the more popular such sources.


Ars Technica is the everything-to-everyone of technology sites. They publish news content to their front page, as well as reviews, a variety of articles, opinion pieces, and several blogs. News items are generally a summary analysis of a topic along with links to relevant mainstream news sources. A feed is available (the blogs have separate feeds).

BBC News Technology is run by the BBC News service. They publish original stories covering current news. A feed is available.

DailyTech is an offshoot of AnandTech. They publish original stories covering current news and wire news (often with links to related items interspersed). They also host several blogs. A feed is available.

[H]ard|OCP is a review site that also posts news content to its front page. A feed is available.

The Inquirer was founded by Mike Magee. Their bread and butter is rumors, rather than news per se. They publish original stories, some of which are essentially just a summary of a linked story. Many items are written with a comedic bent, and companies are often referred to by nicknames. A feed is available. is run by CNet. They publish original stories covering current news. They also host several blogs and a daily podcast. Feeds are available.

The Register is another (older) Mike Magee site. The tone is similarly light-hearted, though the topics are a bit more business-oriented. They publish original stories covering current news, as well as sundries like the BOFH. Feeds are available.

TGDaily is an offshoot of Tom's Hardware Guide. They publish original stories covering current news, opinion pieces, and wire news. Feeds are available.

Wired News is the offspring of Wired Magazine. For years they were actually owned by separate companies (Wired News was owned by Lycos, Wired was owned by Condé Nast), but they are now back together. They publish original stories covering current news, opinion pieces, wire news, several blogs, and full-text Wired Magazine articles. A feed is available.


Digg is the Web 2.0 iteration of Slashdot created by former TechTV-er Kevin Rose. Stories are submitted by readers and voted on by readers. They also produce the Diggnation podcast. Feeds are available (technology feed).

Gizmodo is a technology blog focused on gadgets and consumer electronics. A full-content feed (with ads) and a partial-content feed (without ads) are available.

Slashdot is the old grey lady of technology news; they were a blog of sorts before the term "blog" entered the popular lexicon. Links to stories are submitted by readers and posted by a team of editors. Original reviews, editorial content, and requests for comment are sometimes posted. A feed is available.


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