Map of Internet Penetration by Country

What percentage of a country's population uses the Internet? This is something we wondered, and with the help of data from the ITU, we have compiled a map showing the percentage for nearly every country on Earth.

Click a country to zoom in. Click and drag a box to zoom a particular area. To zoom out, click Zoom Out, click a body of water, or right-click and choose Zoom Out. Mouse over a country to get more information. See Help: Maps for more.

    <10%     <20%     <30%     <40%     <50%     <60%     <70%     <80%     <90%     <100%     No data

Data source: International Telecommunications Union estimates of "internet users" as a percentage of population. Some population data was filled in from the CIA World Factbook. Population of San Marino from US State Department. ITU estimates are for 2006.

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