Timeline of Major Web Browsers

In the years since Tim Berners-Lee's original WorldWideWeb application, there have been quite a few web browsers brought to the market. The history and family tree of these browsers can be, in some cases, surprisingly complex. To make that history easier to follow, we have assembled a timeline of some of the major web browsers.

Visual comparison of technologies

(Click for large version)

This is not an even remotely comprehensive timeline. However, it does show the evolution of the most popular current browsers and several that are of historical interest. There are some notable exclusions, such as Cello, and we have chosen not to make note of many minor revisions of the various products. Lynx, for instance, has gone through a fair number of point releases (on average one to two per year) that are not all shown.

One of the major goals was to show the convoluted Netscape/Mozilla lineage. Please note that the dotted lines in that group are not meant to downplay the similarity between the linked products (which are in fact quite closely related). The dotted lines are used to deal with the issue of lines crossing. The dotted line between Mosaic and Internet Explorer is quite different; see the note at the bottom of the graphic.

A huge version (10,000 x 5,294 px, 1.13 MB) of this image is also available. Other sizes available on request.

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