Buying a case with a power supply

Many case manufacturers now offer cases that include a power supply. On the surface, these appear to be a good deal. The premium over a case without a power supply is often negligible. A word of advice on buying such case/power supply combos:


The power supplies that are included with cases are, nearly universally, garbage.

That said, plenty of people will insist on going this route. For those people, we present a sampling of some of the better options:

Antec bundles their own supplies with their cases. These are often from the OK-but-not-great Smart Power line. The Smart Power series are nowhere near the quality of some of the better Antec products, but they are still better than many low-dollar supplies.

Aopen relies on mid-to-low-level Fortron supplies for their pack-ins. While these pale in comparison to the best Fortron units, but you could do a lot worse.

Ultra also bundles their own supplies. And the ones they choose for bundles are usually not bad.

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