Map of Power Systems by Country

Throughout the world, there are a number of different power systems in use. These may vary based on the voltage, frequency, and plugs used. While there are a few standards that are especially common, and most countries use similar systems to their neighbors, there can be surprises. This map is intended to help international travelers (and the curious) sort out which systems are in use where.

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    Varies by location     100 - 127 V @ 50 Hz     220 - 240 V @ 50 Hz     100 - 127 V @ 60 Hz     220 - 240 V @ 50 Hz     No data

Data source: Primarily Steve Kropla's World Electricity Guide. Some corroborating data from Treehouse Cityguide, but note that they have the plug names wrong.

Wikitravel has a helpful guide to dealing with different power systems. Electricity around the world has further reference material. The US International Trade Administration, part of the Department of Commerce, has a thorough guide that is especially valuable to anyone traveling to Brazil. Note that the ITA guide may be out of date.

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