Identify your Pentium 4

Intel's Pentium 4 series has been around a while. Over the years, Intel has sold several different cores (identified here by their codenames) under the Pentium 4 branding.

Figuring out just which core you're dealing with is not always perfectly straightforward. Tools like CPU-Z are more than happy to provide this information for you, but if you don't actually have a working machine on which to run it, or don't even have the part in hand, that won't do you much good.

This diagram should, hopefully, help remove some of the ambiguity. By starting at the top (cache size) and working down, you can identify just what you're working with.

Diagram of Pentium 4 cores

(Click for large version)

Please note that the distinction between Prescott "A" and "E" is somewhat artificial; they are the same core, but they operate at different Front Side Bus speeds. They are separated mainly to help those that might want to read the diagram "backwards", starting with a particular core.

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